Charges of aggravated sexual abuse serve to fill in where rape charges don’t apply, but a crime has still been committed. Being charged with aggravated sexual abuse is a serious situation which requires a proper defense in order to have a fair day in court. By working with David Galison on your defense, you will be able to navigate the trial process and know that you are in good hands. Mr. Galison is experienced in New York courts and will work hard for your benefit.

Aggravated Sexual Abuse

There are four degrees of aggravated sexual abuse, which are all classified as felonies. These crimes usually involve the use of a foreign object to violate the sexual rights of the victim either by forcible compulsion or inability to consent due to age or disability. The most serious aggravated sexual abuse charge, first degree aggravated sexual abuse, is a class B felony in the state of New York. The punishment for a conviction of such charges can be as much as 25 years in prison.

It is obvious that any charge of aggravated sexual abuse is a serious one. No matter what degree you are charged with, a conviction will come with mandatory jail time and a significant impact on the rest of your life. Call our office now at 516-242-4477 for a free consultation.