Arson is well known as a crime that involves setting fire to the property of another person or business. Quite clearly, the crime of arson is a very serious one, and charge for arson in the first degree are some of the most serious on the books in the state of New York. If you are being charged with arson, or expect to be charged soon, contact David Galison right away to discuss your case. It is never too early to begin working on your defense in such a serious case.

In total, there are five degrees of arson charges. Arson in the fifth degree is a class A misdemeanor, and involves simply damaging the property of another through means of fire or explosion. This crime can lead to up to one year in prison if convicted.

The degree of charges in an arson case can increase as the amount of damage increases and the risk to other individuals well-being increases as well. In order to qualify as first degree arson, there are specific qualifications that must be met. Included are the following -

  • the fire or explosion causes serious physical injury to another person
  • the explosion or fire was caused with the expectation or receipt of financial advantage and another person is present in the building or could reasonably be present

Arson in the first degree is a class A-i felony, meaning the possibility for a life sentence is on the table.

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