Avoiding a Traffic Control Device

The charge of avoiding a traffic control device is sort of a catchall citation that can be applied when no other traffic law applies to a situation. One example of avoiding a traffic control device is cutting through a parking lot to get around a stoplight or stop sign. If you are being charged with this violation and you would like to fight the charge in court, contact the office of David Galison today. Mr. Galison is experienced in traffic court and can help you make an argument against this citation.

If you are convicted of this violation, you will have to pay a fine and will also have two driving points added to your record. The amount of the fine will vary greatly depending on the nature of the violation and other circumstances of your case.

It is worth it to fight these charges if only to keep the points off of your driving record. If you accrue more than 11 points in an 18 month period, you could face a suspension of your driver’s license. Rather than risk that possibility, defend yourself against this ticket and work to keep it off of your record.

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