The crime of criminal mischief is often simply referred to as vandalism. When an individual destroys the property of another illegally, that person can be charged with criminal mischief. There are different degrees of a criminal mischief charge to represent the varying dollar amounts of the property that was damaged. If you are presently being charged with criminal mischief, you will want to retain legal council right away. David Galison has worked as a defense attorney in New York courts and will bring his knowledge and experience to your case.

In total, there are four different degrees of criminal mischief charges. Generally, the degree of crime that the accused will be charged with depends on the dollar amount of the damage that was done. The following outlines the four possible degrees of charges.

  • Fourth degree. This is for cases where the damage was less than $250, and often includes things like graffiti or defacing property. This crime is a class A misdemeanor, punished by no more than one year in prison.
  • Third degree. When the damage reaches between $250 and $1,500, third degree charges are brought. This pushes the charges up to a class E felony, and brings the possibility of up to four years in prison (although much less is likely).
  • Second degree. Property damage of over $1,500 is a class D felony, bringing the possibility of up to seven years in jail for a conviction.
  • First degree. In order to qualify as first degree criminal mischief, an explosive must be used in the commission of the crime. This is a class B felony and can lead to as much as 25 years in prison.

All criminal mischief charges are serious, and should not be taken lightly. David Galison will work hard to ensure your rights are protected and you receive a fair trial. Call our office today at 516-242-4477 for a free consultation.