Criminal Possession of a Weapon

It is required under the law to have a permit for any weapon that you may possess. If you do not have such a permit, you may find yourself charged with criminal possession of a weapon. It does not matter what the intended use of the weapon was, the simple possession of it is enough to bring criminal charges against you. David Galison is experienced with weapons crimes and will be happy to work hard for your defense in this case.

Most commonly, a criminal possession of a weapon charge is a misdemeanor under New York law. While there can be felony charges brought is severe cases or with repeat offenders, most likely your charges will be of the misdemeanor variety. Even still, a misdemeanor weapons charge can be punished by up to a year in prison, so it is vital that you defend yourself completely.

There are two general ways in which an individual can find themselves charged with criminal possession of a weapon in the state of New York.

  • An individual possesses a weapon with a permit, regardless of what the intent for using the weapon may have been
  • An individual possesses an item that is not generally considered a weapon, but is being used as such.

Don’t take the risk of going into a criminal possession of a weapon hearing without proper representation. David Galison is ready and eager to come to your defense against these charges. A call to our office today at 516-242-4477 will allow you to have a free consultation and get started on the process of fighting for your rights and your good name.