Criminal Possession of an Anti-Security Device

The charge of criminal possession of an anti-security device is designed to deter shoplifting by making it illegal to possess any device that could aid in overcoming the detection of a security system. This is not a major criminal charge, yet it is still worth your time and effort to fight against. If you are convicted of criminal possession of an anti-security device, it will go onto your record and could cause difficulties in your life beyond the punishments you receive. Contact David Galison today regarding your charges and you will be offered a free consultation.

This crime is classified as a class B misdemeanor in the state of New York. Jail time is unlikely, unless this charge comes along with other, more serious charges. However, a conviction could result in having to pay fines, community service, probation, etc.

The definition of criminal possession of an anti-security device is as follows -

” A person is guilty of criminal possession of an anit-security item, when with intent to steal property at a retail mercantile establishment as defined in article twelve-B of the general business law, he knowingly possesses in such an establishment an item designed for the purpose of overcoming detection of security markings or attachments place on property offered for sale at such an establishment.”

It is important to note that a charge under this law does not have to mean that shoplifting took place. The very presence of such a device is enough for an arrest