As you would expect, the punishments for a conviction on the charge of criminal sale of marijuana are more serious than for simple possession. Being charged with criminal sale is a serious situation that needs to be fully defended. Much of the rest of your life will be affected if a conviction is reached in this case, so thorough defense is in your best interest. Without good representation, you will be left to the whims of the court and you will not be able to stand up for your rights. David Galison has the necessary experience in New York criminal courts to stand by your side during this process.

There is a scale used by law enforcement to determine the level of charges in a criminal sale of marijuana case. Naturally, the larger amount that is sold, the more serious the charges. The following outline shows what degree of charges are likely depending on the amount of marijuana involved.

  • Less than two grams. This is a Class B misdemeanor and can be punished by no more than 90 days in jail.
  • Between two and twenty five grams. At this level, you are likely to face a Class A misdemeanor and up to one year in prison for a conviction.
  • Between twenty five grams and 4 ounces. This is a Class E felony with a year in prison possible.
  • Between found and sixteen ounces. At this point, you are facing a Class D felony and more than a year in prison.
  • More than sixteen ounces. This is the top of the scale, and will result in a Class C felony charge. You can face multiple years in prison if convicted of a Class C felony, in addition to a variety of other punishments.

Being charged with criminal sale of marijuana is a serious situation that needs your immediate attention. Contact our office right away if you or someone you love has been charged and we will offer you a free consultation. David Galison has the experience and knowledge to help you built a defense against these charges.