Traffic lanes keep cars organized on the roadway and limit accidents. When a driver fails to obey the traffic lanes and drives between two lanes, safety is compromised and accidents can result. However, it is a judgement call to say what is driving between two lanes and what is a quick adjustment in position. If you are facing a ticket for driving between lanes that you feel is unfair, contact David Galison today to fight your charges. Mr. Galison is experienced in New York traffic court and will be happy to get to work for you.

Sometimes, a driver will straddle two lanes in order to see down the road and view traffic ahead. Other times, the driver may become distracted and drift between the lanes. In either of these cases, a ticket can result. It is worth your time to fight such a ticket, because you can have three points added to your driving record for a conviction. You will also have to pay a fine that varies based on the specifics of the offense.

In the state of New York, accruing traffic points can lead to larger fines or even a suspension of your drivers license. When you fight against a ticket, you can work to have the points removed from your conviction and keep your record clean.

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