Driving on a Suspended Registration

Most commonly, having your registration suspended comes from having a lapse in insurance on your vehicle. Whether you simply forgot to pay the bill, or never got it, the insurance company will notify the state that you no longer have insurance. This will automatically result in your registration being suspended. If you have been pulled over for driving with a suspended registration and are facing charges as a result, contact David Galison right away.

If you are driving with a suspended registration and thinking that you can get away with it by driving carefully, think again. Police officers are equipped with license plate scanners in their car, so they can check the status of your registration and insurance without pulling you over.

The potential punishments in these cases vary wildly depending on the specifics of the circumstances. While you might be able to simply plead guilty and pay a small fine, that guilty plea could result in having your license suspended by the department of motor vehicles. Losing your driver’s license will have a serious impact on your ability to work and your quality of life, so a thorough defense against these charges is certainly worth your effort.

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