Drove Across Hazardous Markings

The markings on the roads of New York are there to keep drivers safe. When a car illegally crosses a hazardous marking, it puts traffic as a whole in danger. A police office can cite a driver for driving across hazardous markings if caught in the act. Should you find yourself receiving such a ticket and wish to fight it, contact David Galison today for a free consultation regarding your case.

Some examples of driving across hazardous markings would be crossing a double yellow line or solid white line that indicates no lane changes are allowed. Each of these situations could be potentially dangerous, so each will be charged as a violation if viewed by a police officer.

Having three points added to your driving record and being required to pay a fine are the consequences of this violation. Three points on your driving record is significant because if you get just one more of these kind of violations, you will be at six points and have to pay an even larger fine. It is worth your time to work on fighting this charge.

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