Failure to signal when changing lanes or making a turn is a moving violation in the state of New York. Turn signal usage is important in the safe flow of traffic on busy New York streets, so police officers will hand out tickets for failure to use a turn signal properly. While this is good for public safety, officers do make mistakes from time to time. If you believe your ticket is a mistake and you wish to fight it, contact our office and work with David Galison today.

You might be ticketed for failure to signal as a citation on it’s own, or in combination with other charge such as speeding or running a stop sign. If you are ticketed for only failure to signal, the penalty is two points on your driving record and a small fine. The fine will vary depending on the location and circumstances of the violation.

The points that get added to your driving record are important because they can accumulate to increase your insurance rates or even cost you the right to drive. By fighting your ticket, you might be able to get the points kept off your record, or get the ticket thrown out altogether. Contact our office at 516-242-4477 for a free consultation and to get started working on your case right away.