Failure to Stop at Railroad Crossing

There is obvious danger in failing to stop at a railroad crossing. Even if you don’t see a train approaching, one could be just beyond sight moving at a high rate of speed. For your safety, and the safety of those around you, railroad crossings should always be treated with caution. If you have been cited for not stopping at a railroad crossing, call our office today to discuss your options with attorney David Galison.

While railroad crossings need to be respected, there are circumstances when an officer can make an error in issuing a ticket. For instance, if you actually did stop at the crossing, but then proceeded around the guard because no train was coming and you were still cited, you might have grounds for an argument. Don’t just accept your conviction if you were actually driving in a responsible and safe manner.

Three points will be added to your driving record, and you will have to pay a fine, if you are convicted of failure to stop at a railroad crossing. Six points on your driving record means that you will have to pay a minimum fine of $300, so you should fight this charge at all costs.

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