Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle

One of the first things learned in driving school is that a civilian car must yield the right of way to an emergency vehicle when that vehicle has its lights on or siren sounding. Drivers are expected to pull safely to the right side of the road and allow the emergency vehicle to pass before getting back up to speed. Failure to do that can result in this kind of a charge. Should you end up with a ticket for failure to yield to emergency vehicle, and you wish to fight the charge, call David Galison today to discuss your case.

Sometimes situations arise on the road that limit a drivers ability to get out of the way quickly when an emergency vehicle is approaching from behind. It is possible that you were attempting to be safe and prudent and just could not find a way out of the path of the emergency vehicle. Explaining this situation to a judge could help in having this ticket reduced or thrown out.

If you wind up accepting your conviction for this charge, you will pay a fine and have three points added to your driving record. When you reach six points in any 18-month period, you will have to pay a fine of at least $300. Hitting 11 points in 18-months could potentially result in the loss of your license.

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