Following Too Closely – Tailgating

Following too close is one of the most dangerous violations on the road. When a driver is following too close, any sudden change by the car in front can cause a serious accident with grave consequences. Especially in poor weather, it is important that cars keep a safe following distance from one another. If you have been ticketed with following too close, also known as tailgating, but would like to fight the charge, contact David Galison right away.

The challenging part of a following too close ticket is the subjectivity of the charge. Every officer will have a different definition of ‘too close’, and some will be more lenient than others. The conditions of the road also play a part in this equation. When the road is wet, more follow distance is needed to stay safe. Officers do make mistakes, and arguing your ticket in court could be successful.

If you end up being convicted of this charge, or simply accept the conviction, you will have four points added to your driving record. You will also have to pay a fine, often in the range of $200-$300. The driving points are of special concern, because they can lead to larger punishments down the line.

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