A gang assault charge is a more serious offense than a standard assault charge because of the allegation that you acted in concert with other parties. These charges are always taken very seriously by the prosecutors, and you will need experienced representation if you are being charged with gang assault. David Galison has worked many cases in New York criminal courts and is prepared to bring is knowledge to your aid.

The definition of gang assault in the state of New York is very simple. A crime can be charged as a gang assault if -

“intent to cause physical injury to another person (is) aided by two or more persons.”

This means that you could possibly be held responsible for the act of another if you were simply in the area and deemed to be involved in some way. An officer might find a group of people with the alleged perpetrator of an assault and assume that all of the others were in on the attack. You will want to defend yourself thoroughly through this process to keep from having a gang assault conviction on your record.

The punishments for these kinds of charges vary depending on the specifics of the assault, but are always severe. Any gang crimes are treated harshly under the law, and assault cases are no exception.

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