Making a U-turn on the road is permissible in some areas, and not allowed in others. If you make a U-turn in a location that it is not allowed, and it is witnessed by a police officer, you are likely to be charged with illegal U-turn. Should you wish to fight this charge, call our office today for a free consultation. David Galison is a New York attorney that is experienced in traffic law and can bring his knowledge to your assistance.

You will face a couple of penalties if you are convicted of making an illegal U-turn. First, you will have to pay a fine that varies based on the situation and your previous driving history. Second, and more importantly, you will have three points added to your driving record. Those points can accrue over time and lead to damaging consequences like large fines and even the suspension of your license. Keeping those points off of your record should be your main goal when fighting a traffic ticket.

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