Making an improper turn might seem like a minor traffic offense, but it can create a serious safety hazard if done at the wrong time. An officer who witnesses an improper turn will likely pull over the offending vehicle and possibly issue a citation. If you receive such a citation and wish to argue against it in court, call our office today for a free consultation. David Galison is experienced in New York traffic court and will get to work to have your ticket thrown out if at all possible.

There are infinite ways in which you could make an improper turn out on the road, but the following are a couple possibilities -

  • making a right turn from the left lane, or a left turn from the right lane
  • turning left across a double yellow line when other traffic is present

The penalty for an improper turn conviction is three points against your driving record and a fine of usually more than $100. If you accumulate over six points on your driving record in 18 months, a larger fine can result. It is in your best interest to keep these points off your record at all costs.

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