Drivers in the state of New York are required to have current insurance in order to operate a motor vehicle legally. The lack of such insurance can result in costly fines and other punishments that will have an effect on your driving future. There are minimum requirements for insurance coverage that must be met in order to satisfy the law. If you have been charged with driving with no insurance and you wish to fight the charges, contact David Galison today for a free consultation. Mr. Galison is experienced in traffic law in New York state and would be happy to come to your assistance.

The penalties for a conviction on driving without insurance are quite severe, depending on the case. To start, you license to drive is automatically revoked as soon as your insurance lapses. That means that you will be driving without a license if you are convicted of having no insurance. Because of that, your drivers license will be revoked for one year at minimum if you are convicted.

Additionally, you are going to face fines of between $150 – $1,500. Jail time of up to 15 days is also possible, although rare in typical cases. Regardless of what penalties are to be levied in your case, it is worth your time and effort to fight back against these charges. Contact our office at 516-242-4477 for a free consultation and to speak with our staff regarding the details of your case.