It is illegal in the state of New York to patronize a prostitute. Prostitution is simply defined as the act or agreement to exchange sexual conduct in return for a fee. If you have been arrested and charged with patronizing a prostitute, you will want to retain legal council immediately. David Galison is experienced in New York defense cases, and will bring his knowledge to your aid in this case.

You can face three different degrees of patronizing a prostitute charges within New York state. Each different degree has to do with the age of the prostitute at the time of the crime. The breakdown is as follows -

  • Third Degree. Prostitute is less than 17 years old, while the accused is over 21. This is a class A misdemeanor.
  • Second Degree. Prostitute is less than fourteen years old, and the accused is over 18. This is a class E felony.
  • First Degree. Prostitute is less than 11 years of age, regardless of the age of the accused. This charge is a class D felony.

Because of the potentially serious punishments that can come in these cases, it is important to obtain legal council right away. If you give us a call at 516-242-4477 today, we will be happy to provide you with a free consultation. We look forward to your call.