The charge of predatory sexual assault can be brought in cases of other sex crimes such as rape and criminal sexual act when certain conditions are present. This is a very serious additional charge, and needs to be defended against fully. A conviction on these charges will change the rest of your life. David Galison is experienced working criminal defense cases in New York state courtrooms and would love to offer his knowledge for your assistance.

There are three definitions that can provide for a charge of predatory sexual assault beyond the traditional charges that would come for the crime in question. If, in the course of the commission of the crime or the immediate flight therefrom, the accused -

  • causes serious physical injury to the victim
  • threatens the use of a dangerous instrument

If one of those conditions are met, the charge of predatory sexual assault can be applied. Also, cases of multiple rapes or individuals who have previously been convicted for a felony in the sex crimes area can be charged as predatory sexual assault.

This charge is a class A-ii felony, and carries very significant punishments. The possible jail time ranges from between three and eight years all the way up to life in prison. Also, a fine of up to $50,000 can be levied against the guilty party.

Clearly, if you have been charged with predatory sexual assault, you need to retain a defense attorney immediately. If you call our office today, we will be happy to offer you a free consultation into the details of your case. Contact us during normal business hours at 516-242-4477.