Reckless assault falls under the general assault classification of crimes in New York state law. For an incident to be considered reckless assault, the individual being charged has to have not acted with intent, but rather reckless disregard for the well-being of the injured. David Galison can help you to fight these charges and defend your rights throughout the court process.  Mr. Galison is experienced in New York criminal courts, and will always work with your best interests in mind.

The very nature of reckless assault charges leads to many different debates in the courtroom. Reckless behavior is a subjective thing, left to the feeling of the officer involved in the case. Where one officer might see reckless actions causing harm and leading to an assault charge, another officer might simply see an accident that warrants a citation or no charges at all.

Because of this ambiguity, you need qualified defense on your side in court. The penalties for reckless assault can range from fines and community service to serious jail time depending on the specifics of the charges.

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