Reckless driving in the state of New York is a serious ticket that can result in expensive fines and potentially the loss of your driver’s license. While most traffic offenses are simple matters, the charge of reckless driving falls into the criminal category and can leave you with a permanent record if convicted. David Galison has experience fighting reckless driving charges and is ready to stand up for you in court.

The charge of reckless driving is a subjective one that is left to the discretion of the officer. Given that, there is often much room for argument in the court as to what should be considered reckless driving and whether or not the defendant was actually guilty of these charges. What is reckless driving to one officer might simply be a speeding ticket to another.

The punishments for reckless driving can vary depending on any criminal history or history of repeated traffic violations. There are a few punishments that are likely to come for every conviction, however -

  • Addition of five points to your NY driving record. These points can accumulate over time if you have other violations, and can result in the loss of your driver’s license.
  • The fines for a first offense range from $100 – $300, and go up from there for repeat offenders.
  • Your auto insurance rates are likely to increase significantly with a reckless driving conviction.

While you are unlikely to face jail time in this case, it is possible. Contact our offices right away for a free consultation and to find out what David Galison has to offer you. We look forward to your call.