Robbery is defined under the law as the forcible stealing of property. All robbery charges are felonies, and therefore very serious. If you or someone you love is being charged with any degree of robbery, you will want to obtain legal council right away. A conviction on a felony charge will lead to jail time and a significant impact on the rest of your life. David Galison is an experienced attorney in New York criminal defense cases, and will bring his knowledge to your aid.

The lowest robbery charge is robbery in the third degree, but it is still a class D felony, coming with the possibility of up to 7 years in prison. The definition of this crime is as follows -

“A person is guilty of robbery in theĀ  third degree when he forcibly steals property.”

In order for the charges to reach second degree, a person must commit robbery in the presence of one of these additional conditions -

  • he is aided by another person present at the time of the crime
  • during the crime, another person is injured or the accused displays what appears to be a firearm
  • the property is question is a motor vehicle

Robbery in the second degree charges are a class C felony, with up to 15 years in prison possible if convicted.

First degree robbery escalates from second degree by causing serious injury to the victim or another person, or by the accused being in possession of a deadly weapon. This charge is a class B felony, and carried with it the possibility of a 25 year prison sentence.

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