Running a red light can create a dangerous traffic situation because vehicles traveling in the other direction have a green light and an accident could result. A ticket for running a red light can have serious penalties attached, including points being added to your driving record and fines. Contact David Galison today if you would like to fight your charges and attempt to have the ticket thrown out or reduced.

The penalties for running a red light depend on whether your were ticketed by an officer or photographed by a red light camera.

Officer Ticket

This is an actual traffic infraction, and will have more penalties than a red light camera. You will have three points added to your driving record if you are convicted, and your insurance rates are likely to increase. You will also pay a fine along the lines of the scale below -

  • First offense – $100-$300
  • Second offense in 18 months – $200-$500
  • Third Offense in 18 months – $500-$1,000

Red Light Camera

Since it is harder for the state to prove who was driving at the time of a red light camera infraction, the penalties are less and it will not show up on your driving record. You will typically have to pay around a $50 fine and that will resolve the case.

To fight against a charge of running a red light, call our office today at 516-242-4477. Our team is experienced with this kind of case and we can help advise you as to your next step in the process.