Sexual abuse is a wide ranging category of laws that covers many different possible acts that fall outside of the definition of rape. Many of these charges have to do with the age of the individuals involved, as well as the acts that are performed without legal consent of both parties. Being charged with sexual abuse is a very serious matter, with long lasting effects on your life. Not only is jail time possible upon a conviction, but also you would have to register as a sex offender and suffer all of the consequences that come with that.

There are three degrees of sexual abuse, ranging from a third degree charge which is a class B misdemeanor, all the way to a first degree charge as a class D felony. A conviction of a class B misdemeanor will most often not result in jail time, however a class D felony can bring up to 4 years in prison.

The reasons for sexual abuse charges under this category are almost always related to the age of the parties involved or the inability by one party to legally consent (due to a mental handicap, for example).

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