The traffic penalties for speeding in a construction zone are more severe because of the need to protect the construction workers standing on and near the roadway. Speed limits decrease in a work zone, and the penalties for a violation get more serious. If you are facing a ticket for speeding in a construction zone and wish to fight the charge, contact David Galison today to discuss your case.

The first time you are ticketed for speeding in a work zone, you will incur a fine that is double the standard speeding fine, and four points will be added to your driving record.

While that penalty is enough to warrant fighting the ticket, the more concerning penalty comes on a second violation. If you are ticketed for speeding twice in a construction zone within an 18 month period, you will face an automatic suspension of your driver’s license. That punishment will have a major impact on your life, and is something that needs to be protected against at all costs.

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