Unlawful Possession of Marijuana

Marijuana charges have their own place under the laws of New York, separate from other controlled substances. Unlawful possession of marijuana in New York is different than unlawful possession of a controlled substance, and will carry different punishments and penalties for a conviction. If you are being charged with marijuana possession and need to retain legal council, David Galison would be proud to take up your case. Mr. Galison is experienced in New York courts and will go to work with your best interests in mind.

The good news is that marijuana possession is treated more lightly under the law than other controlled substances. In general, you will face less severe charges in a case of marijuana possession than in other drug cases. However, that doesn’t mean that these charges should be taken lightly or not defended to the fullest extent. Any criminal conviction will have an effect on your life, with possible trouble getting a job or getting into college as just a couple side effects.

For your first offense of possession of marijuana, you might not even face criminal charges. You may just be issued a violation, and required to pay a small fine. If you are caught again, however, you can face charges that bring up to 15 days in prison and a criminal record.

Regardless of your level of charges, you will want to argue against your marijuana possession case. Keeping these charges off of your record is the best outcome for your future, and David Galison will work hard toward that end. Contact us today at 516-242-4477 for a free consultation into the specifics of your case.