Unreasonable speed is a driving citation that can be used by a police officer in an instance when the driver is not actually exceeding the speed limit, but is driving too fast for the conditions in the view of the officer. This is a minor traffic violation, but will still do damage to your driving record if you simply accept the conviction. Because of the subjective nature of this citation, you may be able to successful argue that your speed was not unreasonable given the conditions at the time. Contact David Galison today to discuss your defense options.

If you are convicted of an unreasonable speeding violation, you will receive three points onto your driving record. Additionally, you will likely face a fine. If you have a history of driving violations, you could see further penalties including increase insurance rates and even a suspension of your driver’s license.

For an example of a potential unreasonable speed violation, imagine a situation where you are driving on a foggy road that is a 35 MPH zone. Even if you are going 35, an officer could cite you for unreasonable speed based on the limited visibility at the time.

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