Unsafe passing, also referred to as improper passing, is a moving violation on the roads of New York. This ticket is given out by an officer who feels that your operation of the motor vehicle was not prudent given the speed, road conditions, weather, or other mitigating factors. To fight this ticket, contact the office of David Galison today. Mr. Galison has worked many cases in New York traffic court, and will come to your aid in this matter.

The ruling of unsafe passing is a judgement call, which is why it can be a good idea to debate the ticket in court. What one officer might feel is unsafe passing, another may think to be safe and appropriate driving. For instance, in heavy rain you could be ticketed for unsafe passing if the officer does not think it safe to go around another car at a higher speed. That is a judgement call, and you may be able to successfully argue your point of view.

If you are convicted of unsafe passing in New York, a penalty of three points will be added to your driving record along with having to pay a fine. Those points accumulate over an 18 month period, so keeping them off of your record is in your best interest.

If you call our office today regarding your unsafe passing ticket, you will be offered a free consultation. Our staff is ready and willing to discuss your case with you and help you determine the next step. We look forward to your call.