Unsafe start is a lesser known traffic violation that can be issued when appropriate at the discretion of an officer. If you have been ticketed with an unsafe start and wish to fight back against that ticket, contact the office of David Galison today. Any traffic ticket conviction that goes onto your driving record will have an effect on your future, so it is worth your time to challenge it.

Most commonly, an unsafe start citation is given when a driver ‘burns out’ from a stopped position, or starts the vehicle too quickly despite not actual exceeding the speed limit. This is a discretionary violation, and one officer may see it different from another.

If you are convicted of this ticket, you will likely have to pay a fine of anywhere between $150-$220 depending on your background and the specifics of the ticket. Also, you will have two points added to your driving record for a moving violation. Those points can accrue and end up leading to more fines or even the suspension of your drivers license.

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